CodeBundle Minecraft Server

CodeBundle – MC


CodeBundle Minecraft Server is a private server setup by the CodeBundle group (specifically Sam, and later Dave) as a private social leisure server for friends of CodeBundle.


It is structured in a simple manner with all things connected through the Nethernet. The initial spawn is in a snowed over forrest. Heading over the mountains will bring you to a large valley, it is in this valley that the main village resides. Wizard Towers and Battle Domes overtowering the houses at their feet, stone and wood bridges linking the lands of the Mushroom Village and other settlements. The batcave and a small residence built inside the mountain range itself. All this connected through the Nethernet, an interconnecting all encompasing nether highway to allow transport between the Kingdom of Shumiria, the base of Schaum, Hoy Land, the Mountain Range and the Village itself.


Name Username Role Residence Nethernet (Nearest) Paid
Sam LeftWing Admin Kingdom of Shumiria Shumiria Yes
Dave Noxity Admin Cave in side of hill Mountain Yes
Adam Ads20000 User Stone house on hill Mountain Yes
Blaine Schaum_der_Erde User Schaum’s base Schaum’s base No
Brendan TheMasterRabbit User Batcave, Wizard Tower(B) Village Yes
Chris u_smell_cheesy User Yacht Hoy Land No
Jack farticus43 User Batcave, Wizard Tower(J) Village No
Max slasher360 User Mushroom Village Village No
Roland TheLastHobbit6 User Stone house on hill Mountain Yes
William theshadowwill User N/A N/A No


Name Username Date Banned Reason Duration By Whom
C James-Pye Cjindahouse Dawn Of Server Preventative Measures Forever Sam
E Alexander Spiffen123 14-11-2012 Map Hacking, Allowing Pye access Undetermined Dave
M Horn Chaln123 14-11-2012 Took Responsibility for Ed’s Actions Undetermined Dave


Real World

  1. No stealing
  2. Repair craters from TNT/Creepers/Endermen
  3. Respect other server members
  4. No Whitelist/Admin permission requesting
  5. No Griefing
  6. No PvP (Except in arenas)
  7. Don’t complain about server downtime, alert us about it and we will work to resolve it
  8. KOTLDome and AquaSphere summons must be met
  9. No Pye under any circumstances


  1. PvP allowed
  2. Griefing allowed (DO NOT GRIEF NETHERNET)
  3. Do not connect to Nethernet without permission/assistance (It is a pain to link everyone’s up how they want)
  5. All alliances can be broken
  6. If you are killed, the killer can keep your loot


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