FOSS that Doesn’t Exist

Here is a list of FOSS (free and open-source software) that needs to be made (or older than a year and needs to be updated).
If the idea isn’t listed here, then the hope is that it has already been done and it’s on this list here.
If the idea really hasn’t been done, then add it to this list on GitHub (not live)
If an idea that is listed here has been done, then add it to this page and take it off here on GitHub (not live) (note that considering I’m not awake all the time your edit might take half a day to be added here)
If a piece of FOSS doesn’t exist on a certain platform, go compile it for that platform/make a package for it, it won’t be listed here

  • Meme Creator [Meme Generator]
  • OpenStreetMaps Earth [Google Earth]
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena [League of Legends] (OpenMoba (C++/C) No compilation instructions, last update March 2011)
  • 3D Platformer [Mario Galaxy]
  • Online Trading/Collectible Card Game [Pokemon: The Trading Card Game Online]

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