Lugaru HD

Lugaru is a weird game. It’s a third-person punch-’em-up where you go and have to randomly kill rabbits, wolves etc… for no apparent reason. There are 10 or so levels of increasing difficulty where there are more and harder creatures to kill.

Your default weapon is your fists where you simply punch other creatures to death. You can pick up daggers, which are your lightest weapon and can be sheathed so that other creatures can’t do a ‘Reversal’ when your attacking and get it off you. You can also get swords and staffs to bash your enemies to hell. There are different combos you can do to take down your enemies like jump kicking (to send them flying), flooring (to send them sprawliing), wall kicking and simply going up to their backs and straight-out killing them. Any of these attacks can be ‘Reversed’ with the SHIFT key (when timed right) and you could end up sprawlling yourself instead so a lot of tactics and prediction are required (too much for me).

Usability: 6/10 (It has a detailed tutorial telling you exactly what to do and a controls list for you to use. Not glitchy. Completely ‘usable’ and fun to use. However, it doesn’t even have a storyline. Erm…that makes the game very, very weird and feels rather pointless. Just a bit of text at the start would fix this rather major problem. Also it only has about 10 levels. Even if they are hard and take a while to complete. More levels (maybe even a Capture the Flag type game) would be good.)

Aesthetics: 7/10 (Very old-school (as with a lot of FOSS), but perfectly functional and usable. The main menu is nothing fancy, atmospheric music with simple but appropriate menu buttons. In-game, you look like you’re punching someone else…that’s enough right?)

Performance: 10/10 (Very, very fast. Probably because it seems to be rather basic. Can’t dock any marks here.)

Overall: 8/10 (Good (if weird) game, just feels a little incomplete and rather old. Very unique though.)

Written by Adam.


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