Version 7.0.8

Slax is an extremely lightweight Linux distribution, made for USB and CD booting. Slax does not have packages when installing programs, instead certain modules are made. Each module normally has several dependencies, and they can either be moved into a folder in the Slax root folder or manually installed when using Slax. Slax is perfect for portable use, as it is less than 200MB with a default download (essential modules preinstalled). Like most portable Linux distributions, it will format your USB drive if you burn to USB. Rather than having a panel or App menu for downloading software, modules are downloaded from the Slax website, making it easy to find the exact module you need and you can see the start of the new app store on the Slax desktop.

Slax has persistent changes letting you install programs, change settings and make files and the next time you boot Slax, if it hasn’t corrupted, you will still have all your settings. Slax uses a stripped-down version of KDE4 which is rather amazing for a 200MB distro. You have all the widgets you would ever want (more than in Windows 7) and an advanced ‘snap’ function which lets you put the window as a quarter in the top left or top right of the screen as well as the standard ‘half’ windows.

Usability: 9/10 (You have to learn how to install modules but it really isn’t that hard. Download, put into module. The OS itself is stupidly easy to get around because it looks like and works like Windows 7 which most people are familiar with)

Size: 9/10  (The smallest full OS out there, could be smaller because much of the space is taken up by the advanced KDE4 but it is pretty epic for something that works VERY fast off a USB)

Performance: 8/10 (Hands down fastest KDE distro out there. Probably one of the fastest USB distros out there for a USB. Wow. Not that speedy because it is USB KDE but still very good)

Overall: 9/10 (My (Adam)’s recommended USB distro. Runs many programs, extremely fast, off a Linux USB in a very advanced yet simple way. If you don’t like your friends OS or want to run external apps on their PC without using PortableApps or installing them, Then use this OS)

Written by Dave on CodeBundle and Adam (old CodeBundle site licensed under CC-BY 3.0)
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